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Why a doula?

The term doula comes from the Greek and means "servant of the woman". The tradition of childbirth care is very old. In many cultures it was and is common for women to provide constant support to the mother-to-be during childbirth, supporting her on her journey to motherhood. 
Unfortunately, this valuable part of obstetrics has been largely lost in the last hundred years, with the shift of birth from the familiar home environment to the hospital. 
Despite all the advantages and achievements of modern medicine today, the human-emotional needs of women are often neglected.
Taking time, emotional attention, words of encouragement, soothing relaxation, constant presence and patience are of immense importance, especially in such a sensitive phase of life as birth.

The topics of pregnancy and childbirth are associated with insecurities and fears for many women (and men too). Letting go of these negative feelings and reconnecting the pregnant woman with her own strength and her feminine instinct is an essential part of my work.


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