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I offer every woman an extra feel-good package.

Frische Knospen

Blessing Way

The Blessingway Celebration descended from the Navajo Indians. The transition from wife to mother is celebrated. In a Blessingway ritual,   Strength and care are donated to the mother-to-be. Unlike a baby shower party, only the pregnant woman is in the foreground here.

Belly Binding

Traditional Belly Binding according to Bengkung - is an effective and simple way to close the body both physically and mentally. Bengkung Belly Binding is a Malaysian practice that supports the recovery and regression of the uterus, hips and abdominal muscles.

Top view of a beautiful smiling pregnant woman lying on the floor and using a rebozo with


Midwives in Mexico began wrapping the rebozo around the abdomen of pregnant women as a support during childbirth, so that the uterus and abdominal wall were supported to support the baby's weight, which in turn provided the woman with significant relief during childbirth. The Rebozo can also have pain-relieving effects during labour.

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